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Foco Pomegranate Drink 350 ml

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This pomegranate drink from Foco is simply refreshing when served cold


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ContentThis pomegranate drink from Foco is simply refreshing when served coldEnjoy the pulpy taste of mango paradise with Shezan's much loved Fruit Drink. Perfect to pack in your child’s lunch box and easy to drink on the go with minimum effort and maximum fun!Alomo Bitters is made with purified water, plant extracts and a neutral spirit. This results in a truly authentic herbal drink exquisitely crafted by nature’s hands. It’s best served straight, on the rocks or part of an invigorating cocktail It is revitalizing.Maaza Guava drink allows you to experience the exotic and fruity flavour of the guava, which can be described as a mix between pear, fig and quince
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