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Maaza Sparkling Guava Drink Can

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Maaza Guava drink allows you to experience the exotic and fruity flavour of the guava, which can be described as a mix between pear, fig and quince


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ImageMaaza Sparkling Guava Drink CanPeak Evaporated Milk 170 gr
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DescriptionPeak evaporated Milk is made from high quality Fresh milk in Holland since 1954. It can be used for various purposes – as a coffee/tea Whitener for a delicious rich taste, for baking & cooking in place of creamGuinness Foreign Extra Stout is a beer like no other. It’s a beer of substance, the most full-flavored of all. Singular and striking. Uniquely satisfying. Brewed with extra hops and roasted barley for a natural bite. Bitter and sweet. Refreshingly crisp and always rewarding.
ContentMaaza Guava drink allows you to experience the exotic and fruity flavour of the guava, which can be described as a mix between pear, fig and quinceFanta is an orange flavoured soft drink and a product of the Coca Cola Company that produces some of the world’s best known drinks providing refreshment and enjoyment to billions of people everywhere. Fanta stands out from the rest of the competition as it has stood the test of time for years and years, showing itself as one of the best soft drinks in the world. Bright, bubbly and deeply refreshing, Fanta Orange is a soft drink with a tingly, fruity taste. It's made with five percent juice which gives it a rich, citrus flavour. It has excellent thirst quenching properties due to the sharp, rejuvenating taste of dissolved carbon dioxide. Made with consumer empathy in mind, Fanta Orange contains 33% less sugar and calories than the previous recipes. This makes Fanta Orange a great frizzy choice for weight watchers, fitness enthusiasts and those with high blood sugar. The bright and healthy looking orange color is enhanced using vegetable extracts from carrot and pumpkin. This gives it the fresh, ripened color of real orange fruit. First introduced in 1940, Fanta is the second oldest brand of The CocaCola Company.
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