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Kaun Potash (Kanwa, Akanwu, Potash)

Several natural mineral resources that are highly beneficial for human usage have been unraveled in the past and more are yet to be known. One of such important natural resources is potash, which is also known as kaun, akanwu or kanwa. Potash (akanwu) is a type of lake salt (sodium carbonate) that is dry and hydrated in nature.

Benefits Of Kaun Potash (Akanwu, Kanwa)

  1. Culinary Purposes : Potash (Kaun) is edible and is usually used for cooking pulses like beans, akidi (black Mexican beans), fiofio (cowpea beans) etc in order to tenderize the pulses so easily. Akanwu is also added in ewedu and okro soup during preparations in order to boost the viscosity as well as to increase the greenness and texture of the vegetables. It is used for mixing water and oil while preparing local dishes like abacha, ugba and nkwobi.
  2. Toothache Relief Akanwu (potash) can be ground and mixed with water before applying on tooth to relieve toothache.
  3. Acts as a Preservative: Kaun potash (akanwu) solution can be used as a preservative.


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