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Mama africa rice perfect for all your rice dishes from jollof to fried rice.


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DescriptionPalm nut fruit concentrate sauce for soup. Trofai palm nut fruit concentrate is made from freshly squeezed palm nut fruit juice. No preservatives added. Used in the preparation of palm nut fruit soup, a very popular West African soup.Quaker oatmeal for quick breakfast.100% Wholegrain Goodness Quaker Oats UK. ... For those looking for simplicity, grab a box of Quaker Oats So Simple and be inspired by the easy and deliciousEwedu (Cochorus olitorius) is one of those green leafy vegetables rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. It contains loads of iron, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, proteins, fibers, Vitamins A, C and E, riboflavin, niacin and folate. Ewedu soup is a simple Nigerian dish made with ewedu leaves (also known as jute or molokhia leaves) as the key ingredient. The leaves are typically simmered in boiling water with ingredients such as egusi (ground African melon seeds), ground crayfish, bouillon cubes, kaun (potash), and irú (locust beans). Traditionally, the soup is pounded using a special soup broom called ljabe until a semi-pureed consistency is achieved, although nowadays it is more often prepared with a hand blender or a jug blender as it is more convenient. In Nigeria, this dish is typically made by the Yoruba people, and it is usually accompanied by stew, meat, and African fufu (swallow foods) such as amala, semo, pounded yam, or eba on the side.These beans of Nigerian origin is a naturally sweeter version of black eyed peas. It has a unique lightly sweet taste that works when cooked by itself or in complicated West African recipes like Moin-Moin (Bean cakes) or Akara (Bean Fritters). It also goes by the name “Ewa-Oloyin”, Our beans have an even light brown color and is harvested and processed with the utmost care. 1KG IS 35 LEI 500G IS 18 LEI
ContentMama africa rice perfect for all your rice dishes from jollof to fried rice.Cassava Flour from MP is a fine quality flour that can serve as a good substitute for wheat flour, especially for making bread, pastries, pasta, and dumplings. Cassava flour comes from ground cassava root. It's fine and powdery and the taste is slightly nutty and earthy. It can easily be swapped for all-purpose flour in gluten-free baking.100% Wholegrain Goodness Quaker Oats. For those looking for simplicity, grab a box of Quaker Oats So Simple and be inspired by the easy and delicious oat
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