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DescriptionPalm butter or palm cream, frequently known as moambe, mwambe or nyembwe, is an ingredient made from the pericarp (not the seeds) of palm nuts, the fruit of the African oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) tree. It forms an important ingredient in stews and sauces in African cuisinePalm nut fruit concentrate sauce for soup. Trofai palm nut fruit concentrate is made from freshly squeezed palm nut fruit juice. No preservatives added. Used in the preparation of palm nut fruit soup, a very popular West African soup.These beans of Nigerian origin is a naturally sweeter version of black eyed peas. It has a unique lightly sweet taste that works when cooked by itself or in complicated West African recipes like Moin-Moin (Bean cakes) or Akara (Bean Fritters). It also goes by the name “Ewa-Oloyin”, Our beans have an even light brown color and is harvested and processed with the utmost care. 1KG IS 35 LEI 500G IS 18 LEI
Contentvalle del sole red hominy broken maize 900gr. Hominy maize is dried maize that has been treated with akaline solution (lye) to remove the skin and kime. This is old process, nixtamalization to make corn grinding and cooking easier. It also gives the corn a great flavor (which you can taste in tameles and homemade tortillas) and makes it more digestible and nutritious. It can be boiled, ground into corn flour, or ground coarsely. You can cook porridge for breakfast (with butter and syrup or as a savory side dish. Or you can grind the boiled corn in the food processor into homemade masa that you can use to prepare tamales, arepas, empanadas and pupusas.

 Potato starch is used to thicken soups, sauces and pie fillings. It's also an essential part of gluten free baking. Depending on which potato starch you buy, it can be gluten free, dairy free, grain free and soy free. All of which makes it a safe add-in ingredient for those with food allergies.

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