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DescriptionCrayfish adds a very traditional flavour to whatever it is used to cook. Ingredients: grounded crayfish, salt   WARNING!!! This product contains CRUSTACEANS AND SHELLFISH that is not listed as part of the ingredients on the label and it should not be consumed by allergy sufferers!!!    
Content24,99heritage african Suya Pepper Seasoning 150gr is of West Africa's most popular Streetfood - the suya meat skewer. You can use it as a rub on chicken wings or your favorite grilled meat and vegetable skewers. Mix in marinades, sauces and dressings or sprinkle Suya Spice over your favorite roasted or grilled vegetables, rice, noodles and more. Discover a new African flavor.Curry leaves is a spice with a very light delicate aroma and taste. Curry leaves contain aromatic substances intended for flavoring and delicate flavoring of soups, rice, legumes, vegetables, fish, poultry and meat.
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