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Salted Plantain Chips Number One

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DescriptionCow skin, popularly known as Kpomo, Ponmo or Kanda, is a favourite of many West Africans. A regular sight at parties, it has become a preferred alternative for some. In fact, no “assorted” is complete without Kpomo.
ContentSodiro offers an extensive range of Surinamese and Javanese chips. In 1998 they started producing banana chips and since then they have expanded the range with, among other products, Javanese péjé, cassava chips and brong brong (rice crackers). The chips are prepared according to traditional recipes and are available in small and large packaging. This makes Sodiro a household name among both ethnic shop and catering visitors!
  • Tata Tea Gold is a unique blend of fine Assam tea leaves with special 15% long leaf.
  • These gently rolled 15% long chai leaf, open up in boiling water to release a superior aroma.
  • The natural aroma of Tata tea gold will make you feel refresh, and every sip of it will rejuvenate your mood.
  • The tea is produced by mixing crushed, tear, curl granules with gently rolled long leaves for enhanced flavor and taste.
  • Millions of Indians have chosen Tata Tea making it a leading Tea brand in India. Our team of Tea experts is honoured by your faith in our commitment to quality.
A tasty treat of fried dough, similiar to chin chin.
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