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Pepper Hot Pili-Pili Red (Uganda) 100gr

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Scotch bonnet pepper


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ImagePepper Hot Pili-Pili Red UgandaPounded IYAN MP 1.5 kgHeritage Afrika Shito MildPepper Hot Ground GR AFROASE
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DescriptionPounded Yam MP. Is a fine blend of flours specially formulated to taste just to like yam.Amaranth is a leaf vegetable and grain that has been eaten for centuries all over the world. It is more of a seed than a grain. Compared to other grains amaranth seeds have a much higher content of the minerals calcium, magnesium, iron; and the amino acid Lysine. Nutritionally, Amaranth leaves are more similar to spinach, Swiss chard and beets, but are much superior because they contain three times more calcium and three times more niacin (vitamin B3) than spinach leaves.
ContentScotch bonnet pepperBlended mix of hot chilli pepper is strongly flavoured to spices hot food. Frequently used to enhance the flavor of savory dishes, and nutrients in the pepper may provide health benefits.
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